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Each year the Allentown Art Festival holds a competition to select the official design that will be featured in our marketing materials. Submitted entry will be judged on Quality of Design, Creativity and Originality.
Information regarding design details is sent to all area
secondary schools and colleges. The information is also
sent to art supply stores, art galleries, fine artists and
graphic artists in the Buffalo Niagara region, previous
winners and to the local newspapers

About The 2020 Poster Art Competition And The Winners

First Place ($2,000) - Jim Charlier
Jim Charlier is the owner of a design studio, JCharlier Communication Design, having worked in advertising agencies and directly with clients for more than 35 years. His work–from logos to print advertising to TV commercials to books–has been recognized with regional and national awards and in national trade journals. His photography has been published in dozens of magazines and books. His own book, Buffalo-Style Gardens (St. Lynn’s Press, 2019) co-authored with Buffalo News garden columnist Sally Cunningham, is available nation-wide and at www.BuffaloStyleGardens.com.   Jim is a current board member of the Buffalo & Erie Botanical Gardens, Vice President of Gardens Buffalo Niagara (a non-profit of which he was a co-founder), and a member of Visit Buffalo Niagara’s Marketing Advisory Committee. 


Second Place ($500) - Haley Cavarello

Third Place ($250) - Alessandra Price
Ali Price is Graphic Designer & Illustrator. Born and raised in WNY, she grew up on Grand Island and continued her education at SUNY Purchase where she received a BFA in Graphic Design. She is an award recipient from both the Allentown Arts Festival for the Student Scholarship Award and the Lewiston Arts Festival for the Chalkwalk Competition. Through her work at Inc Design, she has been recognized by the ARC Awards for her illustrations. She continues to grow both as an artist and as a professional in the art world. She enjoys working on many different projects whether its printmaking posters, digital illustrations or, most recently, murals. She is currently designing a mural for a Youngstown business that will be completed this summer. 

Honorable Mention ($100) - David J.W. Manny
David is a fine artist and graphic designer. He was born in New York’s Capital Region and he resides in Snyder. He earned a bachelor of fine arts (painting) degree from The State University College at Buffalo. His great passion for the vast architectural, historical and emotional assets of Buffalo, coupled with the development of David’s signature “Digital Watercolors,” led to the creation of “Buffalo Treasures”. David’s work is proudly featured in board rooms, professional offices, cafes, restaurants, and private collections throughout the country.

Honorable Mention ($100) - Amanda Awad
Amanda Awad created Color Me Happy, a single panel
cartoon that ran daily in the Buffalo News for 25 years. She taught photography and art at Clarence High School for 20 years. Currently, she creates photographic art with words to inspire. Her work can be seen at local art festivals.

Student Awards ($100 each) - Chayanika Shepard

My name is Chayanika Shepard. I am 24 years old and currently attending Bryant & Stratton College. Graphic Design is a great way to express my creativity, I especially enjoy photography. This is my first time entering the Allentown Art Festival Contest.  The piece I designed represents the inspiration of an idea as an artist. I wanted to show how creativity comes alive in our mind. I chose the  facial expression to represent contentment with the chosen idea an artist wishes to create. Lastly, I choose different skin tones in the face to represent different ethnics. 

Student Awards ($100 each) - Adrian Aquirre Berrios

I am Puerto Rican who loves Japan's history and their creation the world knows as anime. I'm a big gamer a story writer with a small gaming channel. With Graphic design it helps bring out my imagination and its a big part of animation. The fun thing the world looks over about myself that I remind people is that I am high functioning autistic. When i entered the challenge for the design I thought this is proof that autistic people are as good or better then other people at certain challenges of life.

Student Awards ($100 each) - Tiriya Reynolds

My name is Tiriya Reynolds. I am 17 years old and I go to Buffalo Academy for visual & Performing arts (BAVPA). I am an art major there and art helps me express my creativity and allows inspiration to seek through me. Thank you Again for choosing me as a Honorable mention I was so excited when I got the news once I got home from NYC. 

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