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Dear Visitors, Exhibitors and Concessionaires:
   We extend a warm welcome as we gather once again in downtown Buffalo’s historic Allentown neighborhood to celebrate the visual arts. The charm of Allentown, the uniqueness and quality of the arts and crafts, and Buffalo’s June weather combine to make this an exciting, memorable, and just plain fun weekend. Now in our 62nd year, the Allentown Art Festival continues as one of Buffalo’s most venerated and well-attended annual events.

   Along with my fellow Board members, I am honored and pleased to carry on the Art Festival’s tradition that has evolved in so many ways over so many years. Since 1958, this all-volunteer group has brought together art, artists, art lovers, festival lovers, and so many others, to produce a topnotch show, and to actively foster participation and support among artists and cultural institutions. We offer prize awards, art scholarships and art projects in Buffalo’s Public Schools. We also support aspiring young artists with the Locust Street Neighborhood Art Classes. As a non-profit organization, we earn our money from our wonderful exhibitors and return it to the local community.
   This Festival has become Buffalo’s “Annual Rite of Spring.” If you are visiting Western New York, please stay a few extra days, or return soon, to enjoy local cultural activities, natural wonders and relics of our historic past. We have wonderful museums, parks, historic architecture, special places and celebrations that are so abundant and unique to Buffalo Niagara.
   This year once again brought with it a number of changes. We are one year into our name change from The Allentown Village Society to the Allentown Art Festival. While the former name carries more than a half-century of history, the new name unifies the festival with the Board that creates it. We have expanded the scope of the Festival to include music and other busker entertainment. We continue to broaden our commitment to digital technology, which helps us streamline the exhibitor application process and keeps us connected with artists, show patrons and the community. We have improved our Festival website,, to include more detailed Festival information. The site now includes a Festival Store, where you can purchase t-shirts, sweatshirts, tote bags, posters, baby apparel, exercise clothing, organic apparel and so much more, adorned with vintage designs from as early as 1964. The website includes links for you to stay connected by following us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram.
   Sadly, not all change is for the better, as this year we lost longtime member Patricia Smith.
   We welcome with open arms both newcomers and longtime patrons. We hope that each of you
absorb all of the art, concessions, music, entertainment and all-around fun offered by this nationally renowned festival.
   Finally, we extend thanks to our 40 plus volunteer working members, to the City of Buffalo and other governmental bodies, and to the Allentown business community and residents. Their essential help and cooperation help make the Festival an annual success.


Rita Harrington-Lippman

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