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Purchase Award - George Banagis
Best of Show

Best of Show / Purchase Award

Jordan Coons - 1st Place
Kandace Lockwood - 2nd Place
Ryan Florey - 3rd Place


Drawing & Graphics

Bryon Robinson - 1st Place
George Banagis - 2nd Place
Robin Frisella - 3rd Place

Creative Crafts Hard

John Baun - 1st Place
Robert Linn - 2nd Place
Richard McCollum - 3rd Place
Semla Karaca - 1st Place
Jeanne Scannell - 2nd Place
Ira Lances - 3rd Place

Creative Crafts Soft


Bonnie Hedden - 1st Place
Jeanne Clinton - 2nd Place
Humberto Hernandez - 3rd Place

Mixed Media

Bruce Green - 1st Place
David Manny - 2nd Place
Melissa Buckley - 3rd Place


Sydney Gruber - 1st Place
Tara Turnbull - 2nd Place
Laura Cott - 3rd Place


James Hoggard - 1st Place
Cheryl Gorski - 2nd Place
Ann marie Maier - 3rd Place


Matt Retzlaff - 1st Place
Brian Pfeiffer - 2nd Place
Curtis Jenney - 3rd Place
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