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2024 Applications Now Closed

Abstract Geometric Shapes

The ZAPP® System

ZAPP® enables artists to apply online to multiple art shows through one central website, The online application process also allows artists to directly upload digital images of their artwork for jury review. The result is that all artwork in the system is in a consistent, high-quality, digital format. The digital images are presented to the jurors of each show and the system allows them to score online.

Benefits to Artists

  • Using ZAPP® is free to artists

  • Artists can upload 1000 MB of digital images to their online, individual image bank

  • Jurors see high-quality digital images of artists' work

  • Artists can manage applications to multiple shows through ZAPP®

  • Artists save money on postage and no longer have to mail slides or CDs of images

  • Artists can access their ZAPP® accounts and image bank online from any computer with an Internet connection

  • Artists only have to enter contact information into ZAPP® once

  • Artists no longer have to complete multiple-page paper applications

  • Artists receive email notifications with application status and other relevant information

  • Artists' images and personal information are kept secure and confidential

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