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2024 Scholarship Program Now Closed

Allentown Art Festival Scholarship program is an important aspect of the festival. A total of more than $22,000 was awarded last year. Your attendance ensures the future of this program, as you help create student interest and participation. Funds are obtained through artists & concessionaire fees. Two levels of art students are affected, High School Seniors and College Sophomores.

The Allentown Art Festival supports the New York State Summer School for the Arts with at least
$5,000 in scholarships for Erie County high school students. NYSSSA chooses 140 students from
across New York State for this outstanding program. Concentrated Visual Arts in several media
are taught by professional artists from across the state.

Allentown Art Festival also provides scholarships to students attending the New York State Summer School of the Arts.

The Allentown Art Festival Inc, in conjunction with The Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo has established a permanent, self-sustaining scholarship fund. Even if the Allentown Art Festival Inc ceases to exist, the Allentown Art Festival Scholarship Fund guarantees that scholarships will continue to be awarded.

2023 Total Scholarship Awards - $26,000

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