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2023 Poster Design Winners

101 - Allentown-Art-Festival-Poster_Tim-Winter_Easal.jpg
Honorable Mention - Carmella Rashko - Lockport High School.jpg
Honorable Mention - Retaj Safaa Aldeen - Charter School For Applied Technologies.jpg
1st  Place - Makena St George - Buffalo Seminary.jpg
2nd Place - Holly Kephart - Niagara Orleans BOCES.jpg
3rd Place - Sean Smith - Silver Creek Central School.jpg


1st Place 2023 Poster Design ($2,000)Tim Winter, Pittsford, NY

Based in Rochester, New York, Tim is a designer and creative director by trade. With 20+ years of agency experience, he has helped small and large clients elevate their brands with unique creative solutions. Tim’s work has been recognized by such international publications as Communication Arts, Graphis, and Lürzer's Archive.

With his other foot firmly planted in the art world, Tim is also an active landscape oil painter. He exhibits his contemporary impressionist paintings in galleries around Upstate New York, Boston, as well as on his online gallery – Preferring to paint outdoors, Tim is a member of the Genesee Valley Plein Air Painters, as well as a Signature Member of the Rochester Art Club.

2nd Place 2023 Poster Design ($500) - Imani Williamson, Buffalo, NY


3rd Place 2023 Poster Design ($250)Joanne Goellner, East Aurora, NY


Student Design Winners

First Place ($500)

Makena St George, Buffalo, NY

11th Grade, Buffalo Seminary

Second Place ($300)

Holly Kephart, North Tonawanda, NY

12th Grade, Niagara Orleans BOCES










Third Place ($250) Alyssa Cirocco -

Sean Smith, Silver Creek, NY

10th Grade, Silver Creek Central School


Honorable Mention ($100) -

Carmella Rashko, Lockport, NY

11th Grade, Lockport High School














Honorable Mention ($100) -

Retaj Safaa Aldeen, Buffalo, NY

7th Grade, Charter School for Applied Technologies



2nd Place - Imani Williamson.jpeg
3rd Place - Joanne Goeliner.jpg
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